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3 Common Furnace Problems and Solutions

There’s nothing worse than a heating system that just won’t act right. Here are 3 of the most common furnace problems we see at Heat & Air Controllers, as well as some helpful solutions.

Heat smells funny when I turn it on

Do you notice a strange smell when you turn your heat on for the first time? Wait and see if it goes away after an hour or so- if it does, there’s no cause for alarm. Dust builds up in the ductwork after long periods of inactivity, and it gets burned off when the heat turns on. However, if the smell persists, or if you notice any other strong odors coming from your vents, you should call Heat & Air Controllers for a furnace inspection.

Furnace blowing cold air in Eden, NC

Cold air blowing from the air registers is the last thing you want during fall and winter. Change your air filter to increase the airflow through the heating system. In addition, check to make sure the thermostat is set to AUTO instead of ON. If these steps don’t help, give us a call for a heating system tune up.

Heating system won’t turn on

This could be related to the previous problem, but it may also have something to do with your circuit breaker. Reset the furnace circuit breaker to see if it lost power. Furnace malfunctions can also be caused by gas leaks; if you smell gas in your home, leave immediately and call Heat & Air Controllers.

Common furnace problems fixed with preventative maintenance

As you can see, professional maintenance is the best way to address any major HVAC issues. Our Planned Maintenance Program is designed to give you peace of mind by preventing any major damage to your furnace during fall and winter. Sign up for our Planned Maintenance Program today to enjoy safe, reliable and affordable comfort in Eden.

Call or click today to speak with one of our team members about our Planned Maintenance Program!

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fall hvac maintenance

When Is the Best Time to Schedule Fall HVAC Maintenance?

Your HVAC system needs regular maintenance in order to run efficiently throughout the year. But when is the best time to schedule fall HVAC maintenance? Heat & Air Controllers has the answers.

Fall HVAC maintenance benefits in Eden, NC

Why do we make such a fuss about scheduling fall HVAC maintenance? Is it really that big of a deal? Well, if you want to avoid high energy bills, constant repairs, or even replacement costs, then heating system maintenance is absolutely crucial. Maintenance keeps your equipment running efficiently so it uses less energy, resulting in lower utility bills. This also reduces wear and tear on your equipment, preventing expensive repairs or even system failure. In addition, a well-maintained furnace or heat pump will provide consistent heat throughout the fall and winter, so you’re never left in the cold.

Schedule maintenance in early fall

Now is the best time to schedule fall HVAC maintenance in Eden. The mild weather at the start of the fall season gives your HVAC equipment a break in between the heat of summer and the cold weather to come. This is the ideal time to make sure all components are running smoothly and to eliminate any potential issues. If you haven’t scheduled your fall HVAC maintenance yet, call Heat & Air Controllers today!

Planned Maintenance Program from Heat & Air Controllers

While a fall tune-up is necessary, proper maintenance isn’t limited to one visit in the colder months. If you want reliable, efficient heating and cooling year-round, you need continuous maintenance to keep your equipment in great shape. Heat & Air Controllers’ Prepaid Planned Maintenance Program is designed to make your HVAC system last for years to come. You’ll enjoy a 10% discount on any repairs, as well as priority service when you have a heating or cooling emergency. Get peace of mind with our Planned Maintenance Program!

Call Heat & Air Controllers today, or click here to learn more about our Planned Maintenance Program!

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AC vents

AC Vents in Unused Rooms: Open or Closed?

The air registers in your home deliver cool air throughout every room. But why should you be paying to keep unused rooms in your home cool? Why not close those AC vents to save on air conditioning costs? Heat & Air Controllers has the answers.

Closed AC vents raise energy bills in Eden, NC

When you close an air register in a room this summer, that room will quickly become warmer than the rest of the house. This creates an imbalance in temperature that your air conditioner will try to correct. Just because you close an AC vent, doesn’t mean the HVAC system won’t try to cool that room; it just will have to work harder in order to do so. As a result, your air conditioner will use even more energy than normal to keep your home cool. By trying to slash your energy usage, you will have actually increased it! Keep your air vents open for more efficient, affordable A/C this summer in Eden, NC.

Open AC vents to reduce repairs

Air vents aren’t just designed to blow cool air in your home. They also function as relief points for the HVAC system. As the air conditioner forces large amounts of air through the ductwork, the air pressure continuously builds. Fortunately, your HVAC system has mechanisms in place to maintain a healthy equilibrium. Open air vents work to lower that air pressure by allowing air to escape the ducts. However, if you close those vents, you trap all that pressure inside the ductwork. This can lead to extensive damage to your HVAC system, resulting in costly repairs. You can easily avoid this kind of catastrophe by leaving all air vents in your home open throughout the year.

Check back soon for more helpful HVAC tips from Heat & Air Controllers!

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smart thermostat

How to Choose the Right Smart Thermostat

If you’re like many homeowners in the Eden, NC, area, you like to do most of your shopping online. But when it comes to purchasing a smart thermostat for your HVAC system, is buying off the internet really the best idea? Read on to see Heat & Air Controllers’ tips on how to choose the right smart thermostat for your home.

Smart thermostat benefits in Eden, NC

Before you start looking for a smart thermostat, it’s important to understand how one can benefit you. Smart thermostats are proven to significantly lower energy bills, which is a major plus for any homeowner. In addition, they’re highly convenient. Smart thermostats connect to your Wi-Fi network so you can control your HVAC system with your smartphone or tablet. While this makes cooling and heating the home easier for some, it can actually be frustrating for others. If you’re not interested in introducing more technology into your home life, a smart thermostat may not be for you. However, many customers find that the user-friendliness of these devices increases as the technology advances.

Avoid online shopping for HVAC

Imagine you buy a pair of jeans online. You try them on, see if they fit and if the color is right; if not, you send them back, possibly for another size. Overall, this process is relatively painless. But with smart thermostats, and HVAC parts in general, this can easily turn into a nightmare. No matter how much research you do on your own, chances are you will purchase a device that either isn’t compatible with your HVAC system, or will potentially cause damage to your system. And more often than not, a smart thermostat that isn’t compatible with your equipment can disable beneficial features, such as dehumidification or two-stage cooling. This doesn’t mean that brands like Nest don’t make quality devices; rather, as a consumer, there’s no guaranteed way that you can be sure you’re buying the right product. And depending on the brand or supplier’s policy, you may be stuck with your useless thermostat once you try it out.

Smart thermostat from Heat & Air Controllers

At Heat & Air Controllers, we want to ensure that all of our customers get the most out of their HVAC systems, in terms of value and comfort. So instead of searching for smart thermostats on Google, give us a call instead. Right now, we’re offering a free consultation for homeowners considering a smart thermostat. Send us the brand and model of your indoor and outdoor HVAC units, as well as the ideal features you would like your new thermostat to have. We’ll let you know if the parts are compatible, and can even give you our own recommendations for the best options for your home.

Call Heat & Air Controllers today to see which smart thermostat is right for you!

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air conditioner is broken

3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Won’t Blow Cold Air

Spring is officially here, and homeowners throughout the Reidsville area are turning their thermostats to “cool”. But if your air conditioner is broken and won’t blow cold air, you could be facing a long, miserable spring and summer ahead. Here are Heat & Air Controllers’ to 3 reasons and solutions for this common HVAC problem.

Damaged Ductwork in Eden, NC

Over time, the ductwork in your home undergoes significant wear and tear. Particles and debris can make their way into the ducts, eventually creating small cracks and holes. When this happens, cool air escapes from the ductwork, and warm air from the attic or crawlspace makes its way in. Fortunately, a quick inspection from Heat & Air Controllers will determine whether your ductwork needs repair.

Refrigerant Leak in Reidsville, NC

Refrigerant is a fluid that allows the air conditioner to transfer heat outside of the home. And unlike propane or gas furnace fuel, refrigerant doesn’t get used up when the A/C unit is running. Therefore, if you have low coolant levels, you probably have a refrigerant leak. This can seriously impact your air conditioner’s efficiency, so call Heat & Air Controllers if your refrigerant is leaking.

Air Conditioner Is Broken & Won’t Blow Cold Air? Check Your Filters

Have you checked your air filters? Dirty air filters are an HVAC system’s worst enemy. However, they’re also the easiest problem to fix. The best rule of thumb is to change your air filters at least once a month. This will allow cold air to flow through the ductwork and into your home, keeping you and your family cool all season long. In addition, clean filters reduce allergies, helping you breathe easier this spring. Keep in mind, however, that ultra-high efficiency filters can actually damage the compressor by causing the indoor coil to freeze. Check the cardboard border of the filter to make sure its initial resistance is not greater than .22 inches of water column.

Along with these helpful tips, it’s crucial that your HVAC system receives regular maintenance. Call Heat & Air Controllers today to schedule your spring air conditioner tune-up today!

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dirty sock syndrome

How to Prevent Dirty Sock Syndrome in Eden, NC

Does your home suffer from the smell of dirty socks in winter and spring? Unless you have old gym laundry lying around, you may be dealing with a common HVAC problem: dirty sock syndrome. Yes, you read that right. So what is dirty sock syndrome, and what can you do about it? Heat & Air Controllers is here to help.

Dirty sock syndrome: what is it?

Dirty sock syndrome is most often found in homes that use a heat pump, though it can plague air conditioners as well. Specifically, it commonly occurs in periods of winter and spring when temperatures are cold at night and warmer during the day. When your heat pump is in heating mode, bacteria and mold can begin to grow on the cold. Then, during the defrost cycle or when the pump switches to cooling, the coil cools and kills the fungus, producing the foul, gym-sock odor.

Is it dangerous?

Typically, dirty sock syndrome doesn’t pose a threat to your health, though it is a nuisance. However, mold and mildew can spread quickly, and if they’re present on your coil, it’s only a matter of time before they make their way through the ductwork and the rest of the HVAC system. If your heat pump has a nasty case of dirty sock syndrome, you’ll need to take steps to stop the spread of bacteria and mold.

HVAC cleaning eliminates dirty sock syndrome in Eden, NC

Since the problem originates at the coil, that’s where the cleaning process needs to begin. You’ll also want to be sure all drain pans and drain lines are thoroughly cleaned of all bacteria and mildew. In addition, a thorough inspection of your ductwork will prevent any mold infestation from taking hold of your home this winter.

No one in the Rockingham County area should have to live with dirty sock syndrome in their home. Call Heat & Air Controllers for your HVAC cleaning today!

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Winter Heating System Maintenance in Eden, NC

As colder weather moves into the area, local residents start to turn on their heating systems. When you first turn on your furnace or heat pump, you expect to feel warm, comfortable air. However, you may also find this heat comes with a strange odor. So what does this strange smelling heat mean for your heating system?

Heat smells strange

Your HVAC system rests as the A/C is needed less between summer’s end and the beginning of colder weather. This period of inactivity allows for dust to settle around your home’s heating system. The accumulation of dust is typically the source of odd smells that come with the initial use of the furnace in winter. When you first turn on your furnace, or the first time your heat pump needs the electric strip heat, this heat burns off the dust and debris inside. The burning dust can smell funny, but it is totally safe and usually burned off entirely within a few minutes. This process is completely normal and is a sign that your heating system is working properly.

Heating system maintenance in Rockingham County

Strange odors from burning dust are a normal part of the routine of turning on the heat in the fall. However, HVAC systems are comprised of complex machinery, and proper maintenance is necessary to ensure that they operate properly throughout the fall and winter. Now is the perfect time for a heating system inspection and tune up from Heat & Air Controllers. Our team will perform thorough inspections to ensure that your furnace or heat pump operates efficiently, which provides multiple benefits for your home. Efficient heating equipment delivers more consistent heat, resulting in increased levels of comfort for you and your family. In addition, efficiency means less energy used, which lowers monthly utility bills while your heating system is in use.

An early season heating system inspection from Heat & Air Controllers will give you peace of mind knowing you’ll have comfortable, reliable heat all winter. Call us to schedule maintenance today!

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family trying to keep cool this summer

Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer


Summer is a great time to enjoy the warm weather and spend time with your friends and family. Did you know that 55% percent of Americans will go on vacation this Summer? Not only that, but this month (July) is the busiest vacation month of the Summer! With all of these activities and trips taking place this Summer, the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is walk into a warm, stuffy home. Nothing like a nice welcome home present, huh? Don’t let this happen to your family – follow Heat & Air Controllers tips to keep cool this Summer!


  • One of the easiest and most efficient ways to keep your HVAC system working properly is to change your air filters every month. Just by doing this, you can save up to 15% on your utility costs!
  • Another simple tip to keep your home from getting hot is to keep your blinds and shades closed during the day. If sun can shine into your windows, then it will heat the air in your home and make your air conditioner work harder to cool it off.
  • Make sure to switch all your ceiling fans to a counterclockwise direction. This allows your fan to push cool air in a downward direction, giving your rooms a consistent cool airflow.
  • Consider investing in a programmable thermostat. One of these will allow you to program temperatures for different parts of the day. For example, while you are at work, your thermostat could raise the temperature to help lower your utility bills. This also keeps your air conditioner from running when it doesn’t need the stress (because you aren’t home!)

  • Have your indoor and outdoor units cleaned periodically. Debris can collect on your fan blades and evaporator coil over time, so keeping them clean ensures that your unit is running efficiently!


Of course, these are only precautionary measures to keeping your HVAC system running properly. However, units can break and lose strength over time, so repairs and replacements are still needed. Whether your unit needs a repair or you are considering investing into a new, high-efficiency unit, give Heat & Air Controllers a call! We’ve been serving the communities of Eden, Reidsville, and surrounding areas since 1983!


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