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How to Prevent Dirty Sock Syndrome in Eden, NC

How to Prevent Dirty Sock Syndrome in Eden, NC

Does your home suffer from the smell of dirty socks in winter and spring? Unless you have old gym laundry lying around, you may be dealing with a common HVAC problem: dirty sock syndrome. Yes, you read that right. So what is dirty sock syndrome, and what can you do about it? Heat & Air Controllers is here to help.

Dirty sock syndrome: what is it?

Dirty sock syndrome is most often found in homes that use a heat pump, though it can plague air conditioners as well. Specifically, it commonly occurs in periods of winter and spring when temperatures are cold at night and warmer during the day. When your heat pump is in heating mode, bacteria and mold can begin to grow on the cold. Then, during the defrost cycle or when the pump switches to cooling, the coil cools and kills the fungus, producing the foul, gym-sock odor.

Is it dangerous?

Typically, dirty sock syndrome doesn’t pose a threat to your health, though it is a nuisance. However, mold and mildew can spread quickly, and if they’re present on your coil, it’s only a matter of time before they make their way through the ductwork and the rest of the HVAC system. If your heat pump has a nasty case of dirty sock syndrome, you’ll need to take steps to stop the spread of bacteria and mold.

HVAC cleaning eliminates dirty sock syndrome in Eden, NC

Since the problem originates at the coil, that’s where the cleaning process needs to begin. You’ll also want to be sure all drain pans and drain lines are thoroughly cleaned of all bacteria and mildew. In addition, a thorough inspection of your ductwork will prevent any mold infestation from taking hold of your home this winter.

No one in the Rockingham County area should have to live with dirty sock syndrome in their home. Call Heat & Air Controllers for your HVAC cleaning today!

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