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When Is the Best Time to Schedule Fall HVAC Maintenance?

When Is the Best Time to Schedule Fall HVAC Maintenance?

Your HVAC system needs regular maintenance in order to run efficiently throughout the year. But when is the best time to schedule fall HVAC maintenance? Heat & Air Controllers has the answers.

Fall HVAC maintenance benefits in Eden, NC

Why do we make such a fuss about scheduling fall HVAC maintenance? Is it really that big of a deal? Well, if you want to avoid high energy bills, constant repairs, or even replacement costs, then heating system maintenance is absolutely crucial. Maintenance keeps your equipment running efficiently so it uses less energy, resulting in lower utility bills. This also reduces wear and tear on your equipment, preventing expensive repairs or even system failure. In addition, a well-maintained furnace or heat pump will provide consistent heat throughout the fall and winter, so you’re never left in the cold.

Schedule maintenance in early fall

Now is the best time to schedule fall HVAC maintenance in Eden. The mild weather at the start of the fall season gives your HVAC equipment a break in between the heat of summer and the cold weather to come. This is the ideal time to make sure all components are running smoothly and to eliminate any potential issues. If you haven’t scheduled your fall HVAC maintenance yet, call Heat & Air Controllers today!

Planned Maintenance Program from Heat & Air Controllers

While a fall tune-up is necessary, proper maintenance isn’t limited to one visit in the colder months. If you want reliable, efficient heating and cooling year-round, you need continuous maintenance to keep your equipment in great shape. Heat & Air Controllers’ Prepaid Planned Maintenance Program is designed to make your HVAC system last for years to come. You’ll enjoy a 10% discount on any repairs, as well as priority service when you have a heating or cooling emergency. Get peace of mind with our Planned Maintenance Program!

Call Heat & Air Controllers today, or click here to learn more about our Planned Maintenance Program!

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