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Your air conditioner is a vital piece to the overall comfort of your home. During the Spring and Summer, your AC unit will be working hard to ensure your home is resting at a comfortable temperature. When it’s working correctly, we typically forget that it even exists – and that’s a habit you don’t want to get acquainted with. Just like your vehicle, an air conditioner needs seasonal maintenance, but we often overlook this simple task. Negligence to the AC unit will result in things like leaks, rotting, and overrunning the air conditioning system – that’s where the repairs come in. After about 10-15 years, repairs are no longer sufficient and the unit will have to be replaced. Whether you are in the maintenance, repair, or replacement stage, Heat & Air Controllers has you covered!


Air Conditioner Maintenance is an important preliminary step to the comfort and air quality of your home. Getting seasonal maintenance on your unit prolongs the need for repairs and replacement, saving you money in the long run. A lot of repairs we perform are due to the lack of maintenance on a unit, so keep this in mind before the heat comes.

Heat & Air Controllers offers a yearly maintenance contract that helps ensure your HVAC units are in working order. Click on the image to the right to Sign Up!

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If it’s become too late for regular maintenance and your air conditioner isn’t working properly, a repair may be your best option. Our certified technicians will be able to diagnose the issue with your unit and give you an honest quote on any repairs. We can perform AC repairs and install parts on any brand of unit – York, Trane, Lennox, Goodman, Carrier, Rheem, & more!

Steve and his ``gang`` will do you RIGHT. I have used their services for at least twenty years or more. Their work is strictly QUALITY.
Duane B.


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After repairs are no longer an option, the sustainable life of your unit will eventually come to an end, and it will be time for a replacement. Generally, air conditioners will last for around 10 years before they start to decline in efficiency. Once your unit sees this decline, it will have to work for longer periods of time to achieve the same goal – and that means a higher utility bill. Not only that, but ac units released in the past few years have an average SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) of 12-15 vs. older units that averaged 9-10.

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