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improving indoor air quality

The air you breathe determines a lot about your overall health and comfort. This is especially true in your own home where you come after a long day of work and expect to be comfortable and not worry about your indoor air quality. Pollutants and allergens that get in your home can make you feel sick and stuffy year round, long after the allergens have passed by outside if your home is not filtering them out of the air. Some pollutants leak in from the soil through the floor while others enter through the HVAC intake on your outdoor unit or are produced inside your home. The key to preventing all of these problems is to circulate the air in your home well to push it through the air filters and remove the invasive chemicals affecting your health.


The solution to good indoor air quality is simple- keeping up with your air filters and duct cleaning solves most problems homeowners encounter. By taking a few minutes every month to clean or replace your filters, most toxins and pollutants can be removed from your home and have you feeling great. About once a year, we recommend calling a professional like Heat & Air Controllers to inspect and clean your ductwork. Pollen, dander and other allergens can build up in the ducts and we are experts at finding them and removing them.

clean air

Another form of poor indoor air quality that can become dangerous is carbon monoxide, which is odorless and the same density as air. This makes it impossible to detect without a specially designed unit to alert you when the concentration of carbon monoxide is becoming dangerous. Heat & Air Controllers can also help determining if carbon monoxide is a problem in your home and verifying your detectors are in working condition so you can rest worry-free.

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